5 Things to Consider When Buying New Equipment

Your I.T. systems are the backbone of your business – how do you know if your equipment is helping or hurting your organization’s productivity? We believe that I.T. should serve business operations; if your infrastructure doesn’t support your business goals, then it’s just a waste of time and precious resources.

Purchasing new equipment for your business can be a daunting task. Our approach when recommending hardware to our clients follows five assessment points.


Determine what features are necessary and which ones are nice to have. Our team works with yours to understand the functional needs of your organization. Different jobs often require different solutions.


Determine the tasks this equipment will support to find the best balance of cost/performance. Back To Business I.T. recommends hardware based off business needs – not what has the most blinking lights. We account for current needs and growth and find solutions that make the most business sense.


Memory has come a long way in just a few short years. We estimate how much data you will need now and what you anticipate your business might need in the future. How is the data that is stored protected? We can help.


More companies are opting to offer remote flexibility to their workforce. We work with you to consider staff needs and potential changes in the future that may impact how this equipment will be used.


All businesses face budgetary concerns. We are experts in working with businesses to understand what constraints they face and put together solutions to work with them.

We understand the importance of making smart investments in your business technology, as well as the obstacles many small businesses face maintaining modern equipment. Whether you need help getting new equipment or want an assessment on your current infrastructure, we are here to help. Our team has helped thousands of clients with their technology needs.

We do not resell equipment, so you can be sure that our recommendations are based on your business needs and best interest, and not on commission.

Contact us to learn more about our quoting services, as well as options for evaluating your current hardware and other technology equipment.

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