Q: Our office’s computers are running slow. Can Back To Business IT help us with that?

A: Absolutely! Making sure your entire I.T. environment is running efficiently is what we do. And, once we have your systems in tip-top shape, our monitoring and maintenance service will keep it that way! Take our free I.T. assessment or contact us today for a consultation.

Q: If I use your I.T. managed service to take care of my computer systems, what happens when I need to add a new employee and set-up him/her with a new computer? Is that covered under the service?

A: Taking care of your employees and their computer support starts at Level 2. Back To Business I.T. solutions allow you to get back to doing what you do best – running your business instead of hassling with your computer systems.

Q: The service contract for one of our servers expires on next month. Should we renew it?

A: Depending on your specific situation, we would say “yes” as long as you plan on keeping the server in service through the life of the warranty extension. We can also help you if you choose to replace it by ensuring you get the proper equipment at the very best price available.

Q: If I use Back To Business I.T. managed services, how will I know if my server is up to date?

A: We will keep your server up to par with the latest service packs and patches per company policy. We then report to you any updates. Depending on your chosen service level, we even deploy out those packs and patches to your workstations. You’re still in-charge because we work for you.

Q: It seems like we’re always losing files and spending hours on end looking for them. We need help in organizing “how” we keep and use our data – something that’s easy for all of us to learn and remember. Can you help us with that?

A: You bet. That’s one of the things we do for our managed services clients. We can help you to ensure your data turns into information and is used to help you manage your business better! At Back To Business IT, we believe technology should enable your business…not restrict it.

Q: Our company relies on our Windows mobile smartphones for email and data. Is there any way you can set-up and manage them or do I need to contact my mobile phone service provider?

A: Yes, we can set-up, connect and manage accounts for any company issued Windows mobile smartphones.

Q: We are having a lot of issues with Outlook but don’t know what, if anything, we’re doing wrong. Is there any user support that is offered through Back To Business IT?

A: No worries. We can troubleshoot Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint without any user assistance needed. We also offer training sessions for the latest version of Microsoft Office.

Q: Our computer equipment is becoming obsolete. Yet, we don’t have the slightest idea of what we should do, what we should buy or when we should do it. Do you do stuff like this?

A: Actually, it’s one of the things we do best! We help our clients plan for computer needs as their business changes. Then we help them get the very best prices for what their business needs. We then install and integrate the new products ensuring your company’s computer systems are running in tip-top shape.

Q: Ok, I just read the above question and your answer. Don’t you think it’s a conflict of interest for you to advise me what to buy and then sell it to me? No offense, but I’m always leery of companies who recommend something and then just so happen to have a product to sell me.

A: We don’t blame you a bit – we’ve seen it happen to companies all the time. A vendor introduces itself as a “service” company, wins the customer’s confidence, recommends that the customer buy thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment and then sells them the goods. There’s obviously something wrong with that picture.

However, Back To Business IT clients are never placed in that situation. We are a services company only. However, because we buy so much computer-related items for our own company, we have great buying relationships with name brand vendors – i.e. Dell, Microsoft, etc. We can set-up a purchase that is made directly between your company and the equipment or software vendor. You’ll get the prices we get which are normally 25-30% less what you can buy it for. It’s just part of the value we add to a relationship with our clients. We know what our job is – it’s to serve our clients as a trusted partner.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

Take care of your business. We'll take care of your I.T.